Any business of any size can contact us to find out how they no longer have to turn away potential customers just because they don't have a credit card or 100% of the money to buy your product. 

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What We’re Doing

How Individuals Participate

Anyone can sign up to receive the Port It Global Mobile App and get a free Data Repayment Score helping make traditional credit scoring a thing of the past and increasing the population of financial inclusion around the world. 

Ask your local store if they offer our Pay-Over-TIme services so you can start shopping!

Billions of people are financially excluded because of outdated modes to access credit. We don't need the old bank mentality keeping so many people from doing what they want, when they want it. We now have ~600 Million Under-Banked Smartphone users walking around with billions of data points in their pocket allowing them become an independent force that traditional financial institutions won't be able to ignore anymore. 

How Businesses Participate